Have you ever needed to put your Power BI dashboards on a television? Can you imagine how cool it would be if they could turn pages on their own? And what if you could choose different pages from different dashboards and put them together?

Solving this problems is what led us to develop this free, simple and intuitive tool.

Power Bi TV Tool is a solution developed by us, Excelência Soluções Empresariais

Power Bi TV Tool was developed for you to create a file and it'll change between dashboards automatically in the period you program.

See a finished example by clicking here.

Click here and watch a demonstrative video.

Power BI TV Tool Features
  • Generate an HTML file to use whereever you need it;
  • Inform your dashboards per pages;
  • Choose the display time for each dashboard;
  • Choose transition effects;
  • Choose the transition effect time;
  • Hide the Power Bi bottom bar;
  • Receive the file by e-mail.
Change language
*Essa página só pode ser acessada utilizando um computador! Isso pois no computador você consegue desfrutar melhor de todas as suas funcionalidades.
🏷️ HTML Page Name
🔗 Dashboards Links
See here Information about the links 1 - The Reference Name is just a guide to help you setup;

2 - The Public Link it's the link you generate in the Power BI Service (Online) by clicking in "File"

3- The Service Link appears in the URL. You can click on a Page and choose each one individually.

💥 Dashboards Transition Effect
Click the button below and choose the effect.
Click the button below and choose the background color.
💫 Transition Effect Time
This is the time in seconds of the transition effect.
📺 Dashboards Display Time
This is the time that each dashboard will be on display.

*Choose the CUSTOM option to put an individual time for each dashboard.

Reference Name

Display Time (in seconds)

🔁 General Update Time
This is the page refresh time (in seconds), where all dashboards will get the latest data.
🏁 Finalize
When finished, enter your e-mail and click the button.

A new tab will open for you to access the dashboard. DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB in case you need to change something and generate de HTML again.

Save and Generate
📩 Check your e-mail
You'll receive by e-mail the file access link for you to download.
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